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mobiCare deployed by Ahalia Hospital

Ahalia Hospital, a leading healthcare centre in Abu Dhabi has deployed mobiCare healthcare management app recently. The hospital now offers mobility features to their customers through mobiCare application. The version of mobiCare deployed by the hospital has custom design and features. Totally there are 19 tabs in this application each leading to a sub-category with unique functions.


Main menu isFirst tab is the Appointment tab which facilitates mobile booking of appointments with the doctor. Users will have to register an account before they can avail the features of the app. Next tab on the interface is the Reminder tab which sends timely medical related reminders to the patient. Following that is the Quote of the day tab where interesting Quotes are posted on a daily basis. Insurance tab provides information regarding Insurance Approvals. Alerts section contains healthcare alerts relayed by the hospital. The information in this section is generated by the hospital administrator who posts this to the HIS which is connected to mobiCare. From the HIS of the hospital the information is relayed to the hospital. Next is the Family section where users can add details of family members who are undergoing treatment at the hospital and receive reminders and alerts on their behalf. Following that is the Pregnancy tab. This tab contains information for Pregnant ladies and serves as a companion for them during their 40 weeks of pregnancy. Next on the list is Vaccination Schedule which contains details regarding the dates of vaccination for children. This section sends timely alerts to the parents so that they never miss important vaccinations for their little ones.


Next is the 'Health Tools' section. It contains various useful health tools which helps users to keep track of their health. Some of the tools like BMI Calculator, Health Graph and Weight Management have been prove effective tools for outgoing patients. This section also contains Picture messages, Voice Notifications and Video Messages. Health Tweets contains tweets posted by hospital on their Twitter page. First-aid tips contain detailed first-aid measures to be taken in case of emergencies. Videos contain videos posted by the hospital admin. Location tab provides direction to the hospital and can make use of the GPS function in smart phones. Next tab allows users to change the language between Arabic and English. Feedback section allows users to send responses and feedbacks to the hospital admin. Users will have to provide mobile number and email id so that the hospital can get back to them with a response to their query. Ask Doctor allows users to post queries to doctors from different departments. Hospital admin will take the query and forward it to an available doctor in the department and relay back the response to the user. Settings section allows users to turn Alerts and Notification, on or off. This section also contains information regarding the hospital. Specialists section contains information regarding various departments and various doctors working in these departments. Gallery section contains images posted by the hospital.

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