Al Hammadi Hospital

Al Hammadi Hospital deploys mobiCare for enhancing healthcare delivery

One of Riyadh's leading healthcare service providers Al Hammadi Hospital has successfully deployed mobiCare for augmenting healthcare delivery. The hospital which started its operations in 1985 is now a luxury hospital with ultra-modern amenities. Al Hammadi hospital provides a wide range of medical services through its various departments. Around 20 specialties are covered along with 74 outpatient clinics. Apart from this, there are medical labs and radiology department along with 3 out-patient pharmacies.

Al Hammadi Hospital

Al Hammadi Hospital's mobility services are now powered by mobiCare app developed by Mobatia Technology. The hospitals have chosen a custom build for deployment. Fully customized version of mobiCare deployed by Al Hammadi Hospital takes forward mobile activities through 12 categories. The category list starts with 'First Aid' which contains detailed information regarding first aid measures to be taken in case of various emergencies like Electrical injuries, burns, snake and animal bites, insect stings and fractures. Following the first aid section is the Pregnancy Tips section which contains useful information for expecting mothers. This section takes women through their 40 weeks of pregnancy by giving them useful knowledge on how to take care of themselves and the child. Next in line is 'Health Tools' section which contains several useful health tools like Statistics recorder, health graph, BMI Calculator and Weight management tools.

Al Hammadi Hospital

The provision of adding multiple family members in a single device app is made possible through 'Family Members' section. Following it is the 'Vaccination' section which helps parents to remember vaccination dates for their children. Next in line is the 'Ask Doctor' section which facilities query-answer exchange between patients and doctors. Following that is the 'Notifications' section which contains health related notifications sent by the hospital to the patients. 'Settings' section provides provision to turn alerts on or off. After that placed is the 'Language' section which allows users to switch between Arabic and English formats. Information regarding Al Hammadi Hospital can be found in the 'About Us' section. Users can send feedback to the hospital using the 'Feedback' section. Route to the hospital is provided in 'Our Location' tab.

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