Burjeel Hospital

Burjeel Hospital now uses mobiCare for enhanced delivery of healthcare services

Burjeel Hospital is a leading healthcare facility based in Abu Dhabi. To enhance its day to day healthcare activities, the hospital has deployed a customized version of mobiCare. Customized mobiCare app for Burjeel Hospital is high in functionality and has a neat interface. The home screen has a quick call link on the top for instant dialing to the hospital’s number.Below it is a locator icon which upon click will show the directions to the hospital.GPS needs to be enabled for this functionality to work.

Burjeel Hospital

The first tab on the menu is the appointment tab. Using this tab, users can book appointment within a matter of seconds. This value added feature offers a lot of convenience to patients approaching the hospital from distant locations. Users will need to provide their full name, Gender, Current location, City, Mobile number, email etc while booking appointments using this tab. Next is the Doctor’s profile tab. In this tab, users will be able to find detailed profiles of Doctors spanning different department. Departments are categorized in alphabetical order. Next is the Services tab. In this tab, users will be able to find varied services offered by Burjeel hospital. First on the list of services is ‘Outpatient Services’. This section leads to the next menu where different departments are listed. Users can choose the relevant department and get access to various outpatient services offered by the hospital.Next on the Services section is ‘Inpatient Facility’.This section contains details regard the list of facilities offered at the hospital for inpatients.Next on Services section is the ‘Additional Facilities’ tab.It lists out additional services available at Burjeel hospital.

Burjeel Hospital

Next in line is the More tab. First menu that comes under this tab is About Burjeel. Under this section the hospital has shared information regarding its mission and policies. Next in line is ‘Insurance Providers’ section. Under this section users will be able to find the details of various insurance companies offering insurance services for the patients of the hospital. Information regarding insurance approvals can also be found here. Settings is the next section which comes under the ‘More’ tab. Using this section, users can turn on/off notifications from the app. Following that is the Feedback section which allows users to post feedbacks to the hospital. The last one is the Contact Us section. This section provides Contact Address of the hospital along with the directions to the hospital. GPS must be enabled for the map to appear. The hospital has been able to offer great utility to its patients by offering mobiCare, thereby simplifying the healthcare process. Hospital has also been receiving a lot of positive responses from the patients regarding the application. With the app in place, the hospital has managed to accommodate all the positive elements of emerging technology.

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