mobiCare Frequently asked questions and answers

Yes. Mobicare mobile app for hospitals is completely developed in house by our engineers and developers, so any features, look and graphics of the app can be changed to meet your preferences. On a standard mobicare implementation where there is no change in the features we will only change the mobile app to meet the hospital brand guidelines. For eg. We will apply there logo and color theme and preferred fonts and pictures for the screens.

mobiCare is available in 3 different types as follows,

mobiCareLite - for Clinics

mobiCarePro - for Hospitals with single location

mobiCareEnt – For Hospital group with multiple branches and location

The current version of mobiCare is ver 9.0. The new version is due in August 2016. mobiCare apps are updated with newer versions every 2 years.

Existing mobiCare customers can secure the newer mobiCare versions with an enhancement contract. With this they will provided newer app version update / migration as it is released.

Yes, the App can be seamlessly integrated with the HIS, Using API or web services in JSON format.

The CMS website and database of the mobiCare is hosted in Amazon Cloud services, however if you prefer an On premises hosting same can be done.

The app & the Content of the App can be managed by CMS, (Content management site) using CMS we can edit or Add information on the App, also we can send push notification using the CMS.

we have developed an native for a better performance, however we have an expert team to develop the app in Hybrid also.

No. mobiCare android and iOS apps are developed using native Andoid and iOS technologies and both app are designed together, however they are coded and developed separately. Its user interface is designed developed such a way that both apps almost looks same.

The ownership of the server it optional, if the client chooses to host the server on their site, it is also possible. (Please arrange for the server is accessible on the internet in that case). Alternatively the server can also be hosted in the cloud. We recommend AWS servers. Either you Client can purchase the AWS server or Mobatia also provide Amazon cloud hosting on its servers.

With APIs we can integrate with any healthcare systems, If the Apis are not ready, we can develop the APIs provided we are gives the details of the database schema and testing facilities.

We can integrate your appointment system through APIs to our mobile apps, We need to understand how the system works.

Appointment information is shared with user using push notifications and email.

Yes. It is possible use the same backend system; the integration can be done using apis.

mobiCare mobile app and CMS system are fully developed by our engineers and so it is fully customizable.

mobiCare mobile app is offered product for hospital use for one time product cost + implementation charges for customization. The Implemented version will be enabled for unlimited users forever.

One time license model for the issued version, for subsequent version update released annually is optional.

According to our current design and architecture of mobicareLite and Pro it can handle up to 100,000 users. For more users we have different enterprise architecture with a different architecture which can cater up to a million users.

One time fixed fee for the product and implementation. Customizations if required will be estimated separately.

The app can be uploaded by CLIENT if they have a appstore and playstore accounts. In this case we will provide them the signed builds for the app for upload. Additionally we provide assistance for upload. Alternatively upon request from the customer we can also upload the app for the client

WE recommend LAMP stack (Linux OS, Apache, MySQL and PHP)


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