MEDCARE hospital

mobiCare deployed by MEDCARE hospital

mobiCare, a breakthrough app developed by Mobatia Technology now empowers MEDCARE hospital's mobile activities. MEDCARE Hospital has gone for a fully customized version of mobiCare which incorporates branding elements of the healthcare facility. MEDCARE hospital is located in UAE and is a leader in the healthcare sector of the region.

mobiCare deployed by MEDCARE hospital

Main menu is divided into 20 categories in this app. Each category has subcategories which serve different purposes. First category on the list is 'Appointments'. This tab allows users to book appointments with doctors within minutes after checking their availability. Next is the 'Reminders' tab. After that comes 'Quote of the Day' tab. Here inspiring quotes are shared to the patient. Insurance verifications are often a hassle for the patient under treatment. To solve this issue the next tab 'Insurance' comes into action. Users can add Insurance details and get timely alerts regarding Insurance approvals. Next on the list is Alerts section where health related alerts are relayed to the patient by the hospital. Alerts are sent by the hospital administrator. Next is the family section where users can add accounts for family members on a single device. Vaccination reminders help parents to remember important vaccination dates for their little ones. Following that is 'Healthcare tools' which contains various utility tools for the user. Some of the sub- categories in this section include Record Statistics, Health Graph, BMI Calculator, Weight management, Statistics History, Voice notification and Picture messages. These tools help health conscious individuals to keep track of their health.

mobiCare deployed by MEDCARE hospital

‘Health Tweets’ section links Twitter account of the hospital to the app. Using the admin panel, Tweets from the hospital's team can be relayed to the patients. First Aid and Tips section is the next tab on the menu and it contains vital, life-saving information. Those who do not have prior knowledge of First-Aid can learn all basic first-aid measures using this section. Videos section contains videos uploaded by the hospital while Location tab utilized GPS Navigation to give the user the route to the hospital. App Language setting allows users to choose the language of the app. Currently English and Arabic are the only supported languages. Users can send queries and suggestions to the hospital using the Feedback section. While sending queries the user will have to provide mobile number and email so that the hospital can send responses. Ask Doctor section takes feedback a step further. By using this section, users can send health related questions to the Doctor. Hospital admin will pass on the details and get responses from concerned doctors. ‘Settings’ tab allows users to alter the settings of the app. Specialists section allows users to find information regarding different departments and concerned doctors at the hospital. ‘Gallery’ tab allows users to view images uploaded by the hospital.

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