Royale Hayat Hospital

Royale Hayat Hospital successfully deployed mobiCare version 6.0

mobicare, an advanced healthcare app developed by Mobatia, now successfully empowers healthcare delivery at Royale Hayat hospital in Kuwait.The hospital has deployed a fully customized version of mobiCare.They have reported that the customers are responding positively to this technological upgrade. Royale Hayat is a multi-specialty, luxury hospital located in Kuwait.Since their inception in the year 2006 as a women and children hospital, the hospital has witnessed tremendous growth.Currently the hospital is among the top healthcare service providers in the Arabian province.An ensemble of top class doctors and health experts are working towards delivering quality care to patients in Kuwait.

Royale Hayat Hospital

Royale Hayat is an esteemed client of Mobatia who has deployed mobiCare application and witnessed great results. They currently offer a fully customized version of mobiCare embedded with the hospital's branding elements. A list of useful features makes this customized app unique.Some of the noticeable features include Pregnancy Journey assistance, Pre and Post natal classes, Appointment booking system, Health tips, advices etc.Hospital has also displayed various suites which are available for patients at the hospital.Specifications of the suites and amenities offered are also listed in internal pages. Each page contains images of the suites along with a short intro regarding the suite's specifications.

Royale Hayat Hospital

List of Doctors available in each department is elaborately listed under 'Our Doctors' section.Tips and advices are generated by the hospital and is relayed to the patients through the hospital's HIS.For those clients who want to book reception halls at the hospital can go through the dedicated section for 'Reception Hall' which contains specs and images of the hall. The hospital has showcased event pictures and advertisement images in the Image Gallery.There is also a video gallery where hospital's videos are showcased.Social media links are placed under the Social Media Tab.There is also a News section where press releases and news article are posted by the hospital.

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