Enabling seamless operation

Enabling seamless operation

Hospitals run their own hospital information systems (HIS) - some legacy, some home-brewed, some new generation. Whatever be your choice of HIS, mobiCare can integrate seamlessly and provide the guest, patients and stake holders of the hospital a pleasing and smooth user experience. HIS integration is a critical feature that helps users interacts with HIS, be it booking appointments, receiving confirmations, notifications, alerts etc.

Health Tracking & Reporting


mobiCare employs an organized and competent system for collecting vital data from the patient. The smooth interface helps the patient to enter details like their weight, blood sugar levels, cholesterol etc. This information provided by the patient can then be accessed by the hospital for analysis. The response from the hospital can then be easily transferred to the patient

Don't be left behind


The digital world is fast moving to smartphones. As per the most reliable surveys the online activity is fast shifting to smart phones and it is predicted that by 2025 60-70% percentage of internet activities will be originating from smart phones. Now almost everybody uses a smartphone. Having your app installed in your guests and patients phone keeps them connected to the hospital. Everyone likes to interact unobtrusively at their convenience. Allow your user to interact with the hospital and doctors from their mobile phone when and where they needed.

Specialized Delivery System


mobiCare also facilitates hassle-free resource management. The administrative panel provided to the hospital at the time of integration allows them to easily update the availability of resources and relay it to the patient within a short period of time

Stay Ahead

Stay Ahead

Extend and reach out to the billions of smart phone users. In the near future most of the front desk and pre-consultation procedure will be automated using mobile technology and mobile apps. Sooner or later everyone has to follows the trend and be smart to catch the trend at the earliest. mobiCare apps can be re-branded and implemented in max 15 days. This transition will be smooth - this is what mobiCare does. Your hospital's visibility will be significantly enhanced by implementing mobiCare.

Effective Communication Channel

Effective Communication Channel

mobiCare acts as an effective interaction channel between patients and doctors. Patients will be able to post queries to doctors using the app. Administrator can review the questions and forward it to the corresponding doctor. The reply can then be send back to the patient using the HIS. Alternatively mobiCare HIS can be used as the communication channel.


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